What we do

Our expertise include:

  • Product development
  • Embedded software programming, including DSP programming
  • Analog and digital electronics design
  • Global positioning and tracking
  • Remote monitoring and control applications
  • Object-oriented design and programming
  • Control systems
  • Windows / Linux driver development
  • Image and digital signal processing
  • A wide knowledge of communication systems and standards
  • PCB layout and design for manufacture
Our service packages include:
  • Setting up projects that are easy to maintain and control. Here we provide a practitioner approach to source control and configuration management
  • Advice and training on topics such as product/software architecture, software programming methodologies, development processes and configuration management
  • Proof-of-concept investigations and rapid prototyping
  • Product development, be it a complete project or enhancements for existing products

Our standard suite of skills include programming, project / risk management with a good understanding of working within a quality system environment.

We are experienced in product certification and compliance to international standards for aspects of telecommunications, electro-magnetic-compatibility (EMC) and CE.

Our Approach

DeviceWare specialise in developing embedded products. This means that we work closely with industries ranging from component suppliers, PCB manufacturers, local contract manufacturers right through to producing marketing brochures.

Our clients tend to be technology based companies where time-to-market is a key factor. We generally focus on telecommunication systems, monitoring equipment, control systems and product accessories. The accessories market is well suited to outsourcing since its demand for resources fluctuates and hinders the focus of core product development.

When you engage in a contract with DeviceWare, there are no hidden overheads such as recruiting, training and ongoing remuneration for when the project is completed. We are committed to providing a professional and efficient service.

We recognise that communication is as important as one's technical ability and will respect the human factor of engineering, at an interpersonal or team level, through issues management, diplomacy and respect for others.

Quality and Confidentiality

DeviceWare stands for excellence. We have a wide experience in many industries and we are comfortable working according to company, project and ISO quality procedures.

We have a range of measures in place to ensure the confidentiality of ideas, processes and technologies.