DeviceWareTM is a Christchurch, New Zealand based, electronics design company specialising in embedded product design. We will:
  • develop the hardware and embedded software for products;
  • design for manufacture, and can organise manufacture;
  • perform feasibility investigations and rapid proof-of-concept prototyping;
  • advise on how to improve the development process and methods of capturing and implementing requirements, set up projects, manage configurations and track changes; and
  • provide mentoring and training.
We can develop a wide range of products, from core-products to small run accessory products.

Product Development adds competitive advantage

Providing new products quickly and consistently is critical for company growth and market leadership. When you engage DeviceWare in the development of your new product, you give your company an edge by being able to offer more to your customers, attract new customers, and raising the bar for your competitors.

It is vital to be first in today's marketplace because it enables you to claim the highest value markets. Any means of reducing the time-to-market to get this advantage is important. The simplest way of obtaining this advantage is the use of external resources.

Why DeviceWare?

DeviceWare offers technical expertise, resources and services for boosting your development process. Our approach is to help you exceed your customers expectations by providing them with a complete solution rather than just a product, thereby adding to your success. We help you identify and develop those aspects of a product that add greatest value for the customers, increase your margins and strengthen your brand. We relish projects that use state-of-the-art technology or require innovative thinking, and are likely to be commercially viable but need additional resource to bring them to fruition.